“In my head? Probably not. I’m probably in my early 20’s. Body-wise, probably.”
Dirk on if he feels old.

Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki

“I always said my home is here in Dallas. It never really got to the point that other teams were throwing money around. I’m not really sure about these numbers that floated around in the media were correct. I wasn’t interested in that. We wanted to find a deal with the Mavericks where I could feel respected, and we could also have enough some cap space to get good players. That’s really all that matters to me at this point. Cubes has been great to me for a long, long time. … He was very loyal to me for a long, long time. This was a simple thing, just to be loyal back. There wasn’t really any negotiations going on with other teams.”
Dirk Nowitzki on his new contact

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